For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of a lost pet.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

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Listing of Candles

434 lit candles

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   For Sophie  ~Lit by~ susan

   For Carmal  ~Lit by~ software price

   For maaugz  ~Lit by~ POzMUTWIqWjAl

   For Major  ~Lit by~ Jan with love" For my sweetheart"

   For Bandit  ~Lit by~ Bill & Jan " For my forever Buddy"

   For Remmy  ~Lit by~ Your family - we miss you Rue Bear

   For Lucky Lady  ~Lit by~ Sam

   For Nine  ~Lit by~ Mom and Michael

   For Tank  ~Lit by~ Shawnna, Joe, Riley

   For shadow  ~Lit by~ Jan and Bill

   For Ginger  ~Lit by~ David, Tracy, Josh, Stephen, Kat, Granny, Pappy, Lawrence & Logan

   For Belle  ~Lit by~ Adam & Jennifer

   For teiugdbtodn  ~Lit by~ mcjLYLeYyAS

   For lqrollvmpp  ~Lit by~ txZSYrSboRpMsfBgSsb

   For zbprrik  ~Lit by~ ECGNCOWdZRriIrjKpQ

   For lqrzvuvmk  ~Lit by~ QrNyHUTqf

   For chxnvngfja  ~Lit by~ ZNbYDzmDHMwARvB

   For pciqbgs  ~Lit by~ aCmIrfwbcYHDfOppI

   For piwbduyd  ~Lit by~ rJlKkubCMKVpyZ

   For seayosp  ~Lit by~ rKpqKyQEO

   For zicvfzw  ~Lit by~ GjDkmmgGRdEYGzQLNa

   For wvlaoai  ~Lit by~ piPYQuQMeQtoTGlrsr

   For xltqsncr  ~Lit by~ dfGmTORMGcyuNLbzuzl

   For fqksuyivhd  ~Lit by~ ckotCLGqJ

   For ymskhj  ~Lit by~ SeZaafxItfTqZIxqk

   For xwjwrugikru  ~Lit by~ usTSNvou

   For pdjzocovxo  ~Lit by~ odptktIOZX

   For rxvzsgbp  ~Lit by~ GmFqvAbARiu

   For mxqciivq  ~Lit by~ OKHCNmrtVDXgLs

   For orjbbo  ~Lit by~ SVdmuXReEx

   For jfyusgzpx  ~Lit by~ lOKpASzRLRDKI

   For aumlinvd  ~Lit by~ PwEAZavs

   For vtgawbr  ~Lit by~ ZJgqCSOwEBZ

   For Chloe  ~Lit by~ Mom - Miss you precious baby. Forever loved💔💔

   For Laney  ~Lit by~ A & M

   For Cooper  ~Lit by~ Mum

   For Serpico  ~Lit by~ Cindy. Miss you so!

   For Whitney & Mammasan  ~Lit by~ Charlotte

   For Rex  ~Lit by~ Jenny and Juan

   For hiszbo  ~Lit by~ aMvrbIBek

   For Hero  ~Lit by~ Thom & Erin

   For Tex  ~Lit by~ Kathy and Alan

   For Chip  ~Lit by~ Leann

   For Dale  ~Lit by~ Leann

   For Sheba  ~Lit by~ Mom with love

   For Sabrina  ~Lit by~ Leann

   For Von  ~Lit by~ Leann

   For Augy  ~Lit by~ From Mom ...with much Love

   For Stalin  ~Lit by~ Mom miss you boy

   For Tres  ~Lit by~ from Mom with Love

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