We used to call her "sticky pad" because wherever you put her she would "stick" there for fear. Sophie gradually became more aggressive about her space… she growled and grabbed our grand-daughter with her teeth! We thought we were going to have to find Sophie a new home.

Dr. Bennett prescribed medication to help calm her mood and gave us some suggestions on managing her behavior. Itís only been four weeks and we have seen tremendous improvement. The other night our grand daughter laid next to Sophie and kissed her on the face!

— from Kay A., happy pet owner

Not just a pet, but a part of the family

At Quitman Animal Clinic we are all about you. We:

  • Are available when you need us — your pet will be seen quickly
  • Have mixed-animal practitioners to address all your animal concerns
  • Provide emergency medical care by our staff, on site, when you need it
  • Meet your needs with both conventional and non-conventional treatments
  • Call in specialists as needed — no need to travel elsewhere

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