Our Game Time luxury suite for dogs.
View of luxury suite
Our Game Time luxury suite for dogs.

Our luxury quarters for pet boarding are fresh-smelling and clean, just like at home. The luxury suites are not cages, but rooms, just like at home. We exercise animals under the sky in our fenced yard, just like at home. While you are away, we care for your pet with love and compassion, just like you do at home.

In addition, we have 5 large runs and a number of small, medium and large cages — something for every need. Because we want every boarding pet to feel at home!

Feline Boarding

We offer your cat a clean and stimulating environment in the Kitty Kottage, including a large exercise tree and an outside window with a view — for a feel of the great outdoors.

Canine Boarding

We offer 4 luxury suites, private theme rooms “with a view”. Themes are:

  • Sunset on the Beach—Includes a mural of a seaside hut
  • Royal Castle—Provides regal throne bed and royal decor
  • Game Time—A football theme with flags and the stadium
  • Noah’s Ark—Offers the well-known scene with a model of the Ark

The private rooms include complimentary bathing service before going home.

Our outside exercise area is completely fenced in, providing pets a fresh air environment to stretch their legs in comfort and safety.

Call us in advance for reservations at (903) 763-2315, to secure special accommodations for your special pet.